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Can Scott Edwards Mini SSC be programmed with Parallax? — Parallax Forums

Can Scott Edwards Mini SSC be programmed with Parallax?

Hey I'm new to this platform, any help is appreciated.

I have a Scott Edwards Mini SSC II for servo motor control.
Can I program this module using the Parallax BASIC Stamp IDE?

Thanks in advance!


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  • If it’s based on a Basic Stamp, then you should be able to.
  • Base on a quick look the Mini SSC manual, it looks like the SSC receives serial commands.
    These serial commands can come from a BasicStamp or other device with a UART capable of 2400bps.

    To use control the SSC using the Parallax BASIC Stamp IDE you'd also need a Basic Stamp in order to use the SSC. You'd use the Parallax BASIC Stamp IDE to program the Basic Stamp which in turn would control the SSC. The Parallax BASIC Stamp IDE can't directly control or program the Mini SSC.
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