Having issue with navigation program

Hello group,

I am trying to run the boe bot using the led sensors (chap 7 of boe bot manual). The program I am trying to run is the same as "navigating with whiskers" but is using the sensors instead. When I have the boe bot stationary and just test the sensors they work fine. When I try to incorporate the navigation program the boe bot does not behave as planned. When it is going forward and senses an "obstruction" it will back up but not turn and then try to move forward again basically putting it in an endless loop of "forward and backward". I have double checked my program and it is legit (word for word compared to the manual). I also had this problem when I tried running the "navigation with whiskers program" but figured it was something I was programming incorrectly. Has anyone had this type of issue before and if so what was the fix? Thank you in advance for your time.


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