windows 10 issue



  • Hey thanks for the message. Sorry I have been working at home and not had time to do prop stuff. If I disable windows defender as I am using other programs will this stop??
  • Hi Martin, I agree with:
    If nothing works, I recommend doing a clean install, it should solve your problem.
    Firstly check you have the MS key. If not there are scripts around that you can use to extract it.
    I hope you have MS Windows in a separate drive all by itself. Use one login all of the time with full admin rights.
    Do a new MS install and keep it up to date all of the time. Install a good virus system e,g, sophos.
    If you look at my snap shot you will realize I never put programs (that have no installer) like PNut anywhere near Windows OS.
    It is a simple ONE FILE program. You know who supplied it. Just double click it and it runs. Sometimes Windows Defender pops up. If it does click the two buttons I described.
    We need you working on Prop 2.
  • @kamilion

    been a while. I have been working at home. Had to leaern a program called canvas and doing zoom with students and a lot of specialized online schooling for me to qualify to teach on line.
    I am now back into the P2.
    Question. When I did the path instructions at first it all worked. I have later tried to do the same with subsequent versions of pnut. I still get the "app store" popup. Followed your directions exactly. Tried regedit and gpedit tutorials to turn off the app store but no joy.
    Any Ideas. That program that you recommended is not too intuitive. Looking for a tutorial on it.
    Thanks for your help.
  • @kamilion
    Found a way to fix the problem with the Pnut and the app store.
    Right click the program and open properties.
    Go to compatibility.
    Run compatibility troubleshooter.
    Fixes the problem.
    Now the program opens o.k.
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