EMIC2 question

I need help with my project. Can someone please help?
I bought the emic2 text to speech but can't make it work.
My project is to build a device that measures distance with an ultrasonic sensor connected to an arduino and then the emic2 text to speech reads the distance.
I don't know how to send the distance info measured by the sensor for the emic2 to read. This is a coding question. Can someone please help?


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    Hi Edoiny,

    Welcome to the forums.

    You should start by sharing the code you have so far, and maybe a photo of your setup.
    Without the code it could take forever to help you.

    But generally- the EMIC2 works by serial commands, right?
    I would start simple and get just the EMIC2 part working first.

    Doesn't the product guide for EMIC2 include some Basic Stamp sample code samples?
    There's a code demo here: https://www.parallax.com/downloads/emic-2-basic-stamp-example-code

    I'd suggest you start with that demo code and get it working.
    For wiring information, check the section near the top of the code file labelled
    ' -----[ I/O Definitions ]

    Give that sample code a try, and see how you get on.
  • I just did this using blockly.
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