Happy with Simple

This post is more of a testament of what Parallax has done to enable folks like me to learn about micro's and electronics. With out the hardware, software, literature and the forums it would not have been possible. I didn't have to post a question to the forums since someone has asked it already. I have finally gotten to complete a project other than blinking LED and servo moves. It is probably so simple for some to do this, not something even close to the brain trust here, however, here it goes.
I salvaged a treadmill, well, actually several and some had PWM drives. So with my trusty Parallax oscilloscope, several Ebooks, several posts of others on the forums, I was able to replace the control panels input to the motor driver with a Basic Stamp Homework board and control the motors speed. I am sure there are other ways to code this sort of thing. I started by looking at what the driver needed for a control signal, 50ms period and the pulse width it started with. Programmed a few lines to test duplicating it. Then for the Start/Stop, Increase and Decrease pulse width/ pause timing buttons. I then adjusted starting pause time for other processes taking it out of the period required. These drivers/motors will go on some shop equipment eventually, maybe even a LinuxCNC spindle.
Thanks Parallax Team.


  • Good job, and nice username for this forum. Welcome!
  • Thank you. I have been lurking here for a long time. Work always took most of my time bank. I retired recently so this is the first time I didn't just copy test code for all the hardware I've accumulated. On to the next thing.....
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