What to do with your P2 Eval Rev A board?

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  • Cool!

    For me, I plan on still using mine for a couple of higher risk things in the near future. Long term, I'll frame it, so it won't matter if it takes a few hits between now and then.

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  • Damn forum software made it look like I had posted the picture. Well it's there now.
  • LOL, it was there before too. I saw it. Nice work! I may do something similar, though I will probably put a fried Demo Board in with mine. That's what got me going, and how I met Chip. Saw the thing, looked at the functional diagram and was all in right then. Too much fun!

    You know, these little add on boards are excellent! On Rev A, I didn't use most of them. Got time limited and did run some code, but mostly serial, mostly light testing. Recently, I've been digging in and find the whole thing pretty darn easy to use.

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  • Yes, gotta say the form factor for the eval board is wonderful. It's like the old Spin Studio but P1 just didn't have enough pins to really pull it off.
  • I like the progression. Very nice. I am planning something like that myself.
    Maybe with some blinking leds
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