One Mouse & Keyboard for Multiple Monitors

"Mouse Across Borders" is a Microsoft utility which "links" multiple (up to 4) monitors together to use a single keyboard & mouse across them all. Might be useful for some folks here who program on one screen, manage data on another, and display output on another. Haven't tried for myself yet, just heard about it. Info & download at and,0301-43255.html

Utility also lets multiple users share screens & data seamlessly. Cool beans!


  • There are some gotchas, especially when those PCs also have their own keyboards and mouses as well.
    We have three PCs we use when doing our live video broadcasts. The main pc which has two 24” 1920x1080 monitors, 3 live 1080 camera feeds, live remote background feed (for the green screen studio set which is inset in the glass window behind the talent (people)), and a live remote guest feed. This pc connects to a second pc which can feed power point presentations and a third pc that can feed remote dial in guests from the phone system. The second and third pc each have one 24” 1080 monitor. The main pc mouse can control all 3 PCs so 5 monitors in all.
    But the catch is we use a remote to control the power point presentation. If the mouse wanders off the screen, the remote fails to work and that can easily happen during the broadcast :(
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