That pesky "Mark All Viewed" button...

Has anyone else accidentally clicked it?
Felt the agony of losing track of unread threads?
I have one too many times. So I created a uBlock rule to block it.
Peace at last.


  • UBlock?
  • Perhaps it has to do with whatever special browser he uses? Firefox is famous for stranger then fiction addons. Whereas Chrome uses properly managed extensions.

    And this message is sponsored by the inhabitants of Tiger mountain. In the supposedly beautiful Bronx Zoo. (The tigers and lions agree that it is because they are there. The leopards and the people disagree.)
  • Y'all haven't heard of uBlock? It's basically an (Ad) blocker. It blocks parts of webpages by matching them to patterns.

    Also I'm a she, thancc
  • TorTor Posts: 1,986
    In any case, 'Mark All Viewed' doesn't work - it only marks threads as nothing new *that day*, as soon as a new post is made *all* those you didn't read are 'new'. Which means that any old thread going back years, which you didn't read (or was copied from the old forum) will start you at some old obsolete post.
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