P2 - power cycle vs reset?



  • evanh wrote: »
    Once the AUX switch fails the power controls are disabled.
    Oops, I might be wrong about this detail. That's only if bypassing the AUX switch after it has failed. So, you get to choose to bypass one or the other. Or replace the failed USB power switch but then it's likely to fail for the same reason again.
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  • evanh wrote: »
    I've drawn a red line to represent where the bridging link is needed. This bypasses F401, the poly fuse, on the PC-USB 5 volt supply.

    Thanks for that. There is no way I could do work that fine any more, so I'll just have to pray it doesn't fail :(
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  • Pleased you found the bug.
    There should be a ban on those blind alleys! I’ve ben down many in my time too :(
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