using PLX DAQ to write to different Excel cells from an Arduino

I'm trying to write to varying cells in Excel from an Arduino Uno but can't find how to do it - or if it's possible.


writes the value 50 into cell A6 with no problem but as soon as I try to use a string in place of A6 it bombs out.
Might be that I'm not getting the syntax correct or might be that it's not possible.
Can anyone help?


  • this sounds like a really good question for the Ard**no forum.
  • I don't believe PLX-DAQ is supported by Parallax any longer. There is a thread on the Arduino forums maintained by someone who has re-written the original PLX-DAQ program for non profit and to adapt to newer versions of MS Office Excel. You will find plenty of support at the following link It is also worth mentioning that the newer version still works with the Parallax range of micro controllers.
  • That's great - I'll try the Arduino forum.
    Many thanks for your help.
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