Resources for Learning from the Ground Up

Hey all!

I run a geek club at my school, and we recently came into ownership of a set of the Parallax SumoRobots. It's great, we're all excited to work with them, except for one major problem: I have zero idea on any of it. The last time I touched code was about 13 years ago in a basic intro to coding high school course. I have no ideas about breadboards, resistors, and the like. We managed to get them up and running simply by following the instructions carefully, but functionally, have no idea about any of it.

So I'm wondering, what are some great resources that I can take a look at and learn from in order to get the most out of these robots? Anything from coding resources, to breadboard tutorials, and so on and so on. Videos, documents, do-it-yourself kits, etc. What can you recommend for me (and my students) so that we can learn and enjoy these robots.

Thanks everyone!


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