Propeller C beginner

When I run the following program a second time the Arlo Robot motors do not run:
Forward Stop Face Right.c

#include "simpletools.h"
//#include "abdrive.h"                        // <- Comment out this line
#include "arlodrive.h"                        // <- Replace it with this line
#include "wifi.h"

int main()
  wifi_start(31, 30, 115200, WX_ALL_COM);  
  drive_goto(256, 256);
  drive_goto(93, -93);

Is my code incomplete?



  • I don't know the "wifi_start()" but the rest of your code looks almost identical to the first code block on the page you have in comment:

    So, I would try commenting out your wifi_start function and then seeing if it magically starts working. If it does, then you can do some research into what that function does, and why it might be keeping your robot from moving. If it doesn't fix the problem, then I'd consider the possibility of low batteries. There isn't much that could go wrong with your code there, so I'd start looking at hardware.
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  • @DavidZemon Thank you for your reply David. I will dismantle the robot and check out the left wheel for stiffness and replace the drive controller as I believe I have the problems described in:
    I wish I had found this discussion months ago. Perhaps if it had been in a forum category called "Arlo" I may have been more lucky with my search in Google. The use of the term "Arlobot" perhaps did not originate from Parallax?
    I am not technical in an occupation sense so checking out motor currents and aligning motor shafts will be a challenge. However I have had some success in that I repaired the damage done by the two batteries rolling about in the Arlo wooden box that Parallax supplied the kit in. So I passed all the tutorial tests and at least saw the wheels turn for a few seconds.
    On with the challenge!
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