'One-Stop' Supplier Suggestions?

I just ordered some supplies from Jameco.com and got almost everything I needed for my current project. I decided to order a few Propellers several 3.3 v regulators just to make sure I didn't run out and discovered the minimum order for 3.3 v regulators was twenty. I only wanted 3 of them. I'm a hobbyist. I order a wide variety of supplies in small amounts.
Are there any hobbyists that do most of their sourcing from Mouser or DigiKey? Do you have a large number of suppliers? Thanks for your input.


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    lardom wrote:
    Are there any hobbyists that do most of their sourcing from Mouser or DigiKey?
    Yes to both, for hobby and business purchases. I hardly ever buy from Jameco, unless it's for a power supply. In rare instances, when DigiKey and Mouser are out of something, I'll go to findchips.com to see who might have what I need.

    DigiKey is closer, so I typically prefer them over Mouser. They can get me stuff by First Class or Priority Mail in two days. However, for large purchases, Mouser is sometimes less expensive, so I'l use them instead. It pays to shop around.

  • Thanks. The other issue for me is multiple shipping fees because miscellaneous parts have to be ordered from different companies
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    Why pay $2.09 at Jameco for a regulator that you have to buy in 20 lots which would cost you $41.80 when you can get more for less when you buy 25 from Mouser for $17.75 total? Even 10 off would cost you $8.32 total which would only pay for 4 from Jameco. But the other thing is sometimes looking around for an equivalent part yields rewards in finding a better part at a lower price and greater availability. Don't make the mistake of using the exact same part number because sometimes that particular part is older and harder to get and more expensive or sometimes just plain more expensive. Another tip, don't skimp on quantities as I find that this is false economy in the long run. Is there a good chance you will need more? Take the plunge and order at the next price break because you save money not just on the part, but on delivery charges if you had to order that again, not to mention the convenience of having them on hand.
  • You definitely have to shop around I like Digikey but sometimes their prices are double of everyone else . Mouser will have a lower price. If I buy something pricey I price it on Digikey, Mouser, and Allied electronics. to see who is lowest. Then I call Digikey and make them price match it or lower ( I buy enough there to get a good quote).
  • For the last 6 months or so I have been buying from Arrow. Free overnight shipping. Plus right now if you are a first time buyer there's an additional discount. Check the banner at the top of their page. I can't believe it will last forever but great to take advantage of while it lasts. I have placed orders as small as $8 for just a couple parts and they still ship overnight for free. Even when the parts come from out of the country. They may take an additional day or 2 but still free. Their prices are comparable to DigiKey and Mouser but even so much better when shipping is factored in. Order today- get it tomorrow. My only complaint is their over use of packing material. Seems rather wasteful at times.

  • Yes to both, for hobby and business purchases. I hardly ever buy from Jameco, unless it's for a power supply. In rare instances, when DigiKey and Mouser are out of something, I'll go to findchips.com to see who might have what I need.

    +1 ... except that I tend to start at Mouser or go straight to Findchips.com.
  • There is great information in this thread. I absolutely love this forum.
    @Peter Jakacki, I would buy them in 20 lots because I 'will' use them but as you noted, @ $2.09 per regulator and at a minimum of 20 it just wasn't gonna happen.
    I had not considered buying supplies a lots to take advantage of price breaks but what you said makes sense so in the future I will keep an eye out for deals on supplies that I know I'll use up.
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    I always start at Mouser, then default to DigiKey if Mouser doesn't have what I need. If I'm doing a quick "lab restock" and I want some cheap electromechanical stuff I'll use Tayda Electronics.

    The perks to using the popular ones (Mouser, DigiKey), besides stability, is that you can build your project under your account and save it, basically having an on order BOM. Occasionally I'll remake a project to sell/gift, and I can just go under my saved projects, select the one and want and the quantity I'm going to build, then add everything on the BOM to cart at once, with the proper quantities.

    The only holdoff on the big suppliers is if you're new to the hobby and don't understand component packages, you might mistakenly get some SMD parts when you want breadboardable stuff. If you're unsure, Tayda has the best prices on small quantity stuff, though a small stock, and they have pictures of everything so you know what you're getting. You are ordering from overseas so expect slow delivery, though.
  • Digital Bob hit most of my list, only missing Element 14 (FKA Newark Electronics)
  • I forgot online components , beyond components, circuit specialist, MPJA etc.
  • Vendors that I rather like, but have either limited scope or inconsistent availability - Tayda, MDFly, Futurlec, MPJA, All Electronics, Goldmine Electronics.

    For stocking up, I am just as likely to check for industrial surplus. A whimsical look at eBay is the reason that 20 pieces of P8X32A-Q44 are showing up at my doorstep today. As a hobbyist, though, a partial tray/tube/spool of components from a reputable vendor can be a treasure.

    For a commercial project, I would go back to the full-line, steady supply, and traceability of Mouser/FindChips.
  • Oddly enough my only problems with Jameco came up a number of years earlier. I needed to give them a big order, and their system decided to suffer a case of amnesia.

    While it found me, the individual handling the order was behaving strangely.

    Since then my Parallax orders have been direct, to our hosts. Most of the component sales have been local. I've found 95% of the items needed from two stores here in NYC. The other 5% wasn't needed, and still isn't.

    As for Digikey, no problems, lead time, between ordering and package arrival seems to be very fast. Mouser on the otherhand is strange. But that's it.
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