Powering the Stamp

This concerns the Stamp One more.
On all three of my boards, the two regular Stamp One project boards, and the special development board that I've just assembled, I have 9V being delivered via the VIN connection.

Would someone please confirm or refute this assertion: Once the Stamp One is being powered via the VIN connection, five volts is available via the VDD connection. And there's a shared ground for both VIN and VDD. Which is supplied via VSS.

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  • Yes, it is. Have a look at the schematic diagram to confirm for yourself. There is an on-board LM2936M-5 wired appropriately.
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    And don't go nuts drawing high currents from Vdd...
  • Hello!
    I am building an all new board and this one is for the Stamp One regular board, to make designs easier. In this case, it would have the board itself wearing a small breadboard and standing on the patch board as shown in the photos I took of the one I made for the OEM Basic Stamp One.

    img   Basically group, that's the OEM Basic Stamp One that Chris sent me. I felt it needed a special work space. And as it happens the same idea would work for the regular device. I should have a photo or two up soon.
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  • Hello!
    And an update. I had planned on originally using one of the Stamp One boards, the original carrier boards, in this case it was originally defective around the 9V connector widgets. But it worked from the perspective from the connection pins, that is using a pair of Dupont connectors designed to be plugged onto header pins, in this case the VIN and VSS ones. But I couldn't get the BS1C one onto it. For that one I'm ordering soon an Enterprise grade one. (Supercarrier type.)

    Instead it'll be wearing one that I've already stuck a small breadboard onto.

    Now it'll be easier to use. because normally the programming thing causes it to tilt.

    Pictures later.
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    And here are two photos of the newer board


    I apologize for photo quality for the second. I'm not sure why its like that. If people complain I'll try to adjust it and resubmit it.

    The board is on its side because of the male headers on the board itself. I'm using Velcro to secure it. I figured since the programming tool always wants to cause the board to turn sideways I figured I'd secure it like that.
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    640 x 480 - 40K
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