P2 Evaluation Board - Prototype Board 64005-ES

Here's some images of the Parallax P2-ES Prototype Board.

Sharing what I know so far...

These will be sold individually, with part number 64005-ES.

The SMT header (socket) will be provided, but not soldered to the board. Reason being, that the PCB will accept through-hole or SMT headers, and so the user can decide to fit an alternative header if desired. Perhaps to use a socket suitable for ribbon cable connection, or a right-angle header, etc.. etc..

If a quick breadboard is desired, the PCB size will accommodate a Parallax mini-breadboard when a 12 way 0.1" pitch socket is soldered at each end of the prototype area (plus an 8 way and optionally 2x 5ways). Instructions and part-numbers will be given in the soon-to-arrive docs.

The S1 to S10 pins connect to some SMT pads on either side of the PCB, so a variety of SMT IC's or passives could be installed. 1.27mm, 0.95mm, 0.65mm and 0.5mm pads are included.

The PCB's are sized such that you can connect a Prototype Board to all of the eight P2-EVAL header positions at once.

These are planned to run through manufacturing next week, so an official announcement could appear with pricing & ordering details soon!


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