Broken Pins on a BASIC Stamp

I had one of my BS2s on a breadboard, and forgetting to pry it off with care, I reached down and ripped it off of there. Only one end came up. The two topmost pins bent, badly. After straightening them, and noting their decreased durability, I attempted to fortify one with a bead of solder. I accidentally melted the solder that held the pin itself to the pcb of the Stamp.

Essential question:
Can replacement pins for the BS2s be purchased? And then, can I hand solder the reolacements accurately enough to still Have it useable on my BOE and Professional Development Board?
That's not an explosion! That's an unscheduled rapid disassembly!


  • Can you post a picture? The pins can probably be purchased from a supplier like Digikey, mouser etc. you will have to know the diameter, pitch, and length. I looked at my BS2 module and the pins look like a dip package pin that is bent around and soldered into a hole. I would try to desolder it and then try to come up with a replacement. The main concern is not to damage any of the dip traces.
    Maybe one of the Parallax people could help you with a replacement I would call and ask.
  • If you mean the pins on the 24 pin dip board, then you can get them and solder them to the board but it may take a bit of searching, and you will probably have to buy a package of them.

    Might be easier buy a 24 pin dip socket with machined pins, plug the BS2 into the socket, and solder a wire from the socket to the BS2 to replace the missing pin.
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  • AwesomeCronk,

    I agree with DigitalBob that you should call Parallax and see what they can do.

    Too bad Parallax no longer sells the BS2 OEM.

  • Awesome Cronk

    Call Digikey. You can even call Technical support now. 24/7 Maybe Sales too.

    Start out with Technical support to get right part.

    Then transfer to Sales.

    Have them email with shipping rate BEFORE they ship to make sure you get the $3.50 shipping.
  • Pretty certain you won't find these pins at Digi-Key. They're not easily replaced, too.

    We will warranty the BS2-IC; drop me a message via and we will do this quickly.

    Ken Gracey
  • Sounds like excellent customer service to me.
  • I have gotten a replacement from Parallax, at no cost! Shoutout to Parallax and everyone there!
    That's not an explosion! That's an unscheduled rapid disassembly!
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