What is this component?

The DC jack ripped off this VR Backpack and MSI wants $1000 to repair it. There isn't much 12v pad left, I was going to steal some more 12v from the pad circled in yellow. It has a dead short with the remaining 12v pad on the PCB. The broken jack provided the VR goggles with 12V @ 1.5A (max) so I don't think it would be a good idea to run it from the little piece of 12v pad that is left. I will figure out some strain relief on the jack that doesn't rely on solder pads, after the connections are made.

The rectangular SMT marked "CK", with the yellow circle has 12v available and a nice big pad to solder to. I think it might be a fuse, there is no resistance across it and current flows both ways. Any idea what it is?

1470 x 826 - 2M


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    I'm guessing it's a transient voltage suppressor made by Littelfuse. Or a polymer fuse, depending upon how it's wired. Is the other end +12V or Gnd?

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  • The "F2" designation probably does mean fuse.

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  • Both sides of the component have 12V present. No voltage drop across it.
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    xanadu wrote: »
    Both sides of the component have 12V present. No voltage drop across it.

    There is always some voltage drop in normal operation ... What current is flowing thru it, and what millivolts does it drop ?
  • Between a cheap DMM and the probes not making full contact with the component it's possible there's a drop that I didn't notice. I'm not able to measure it again. I soldered the connections to the side of the unknown component closest to the jack and put it back together. Superglue and 3D printed wire guides will hopefully prevent it from coming back. I need to go sit in Black Friday traffic and drop it off before the games start...

  • evanh wrote: »
    The "F2" designation probably does mean fuse.

    Yes, I think so. Good eye, I didn't notice that until you said something.
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