Wild Thumper Build for Foundation Crawler

Hello and thanks for having me.
I am a home inspector and frequently inspect pier and beam homes with low clearances.
I am interested in building a Wild Thumper 6 wheel foundation crawler.
I would like to get a full parts list and references to places to go to learn how to build a crawler.
I have already built 1 foundation crawler but like the idea of the 6 wheel version better.
Please do consider underneath old homes is a dirty, sometimes muddy environment with many challenges.
All input and help would be much appreciated.


  • How about the pdf file at this link... does it have what you need ?

  • Yes it is a starting point. So at present I have a Spektrum DX 6 controller. Would this controller work for the Wild Thumper? Remeber Im not the expert and am learning as I go. Thanks for the fast response.
  • That controller would work with any robot or craft you connect the appropriate receiver module to. Parallax sales can probably supply you the receiver - ask them what they'd suggest- contact details here: https://www.parallax.com/company/company

    So what other help do you need? Where are you stuck?
    That pdf file has a full list of parts- why not go ahead and order them and start building? You won't start until you start !!

    Parallax sales is open in the morning. Phone or email the items you need and they can get you started.

    ps. Have you got a picture of the crawler you already built ? Sounds very interesting.

  • Aww, I was all excited until I figured out you were talking the robotic kind.

    I'm doing the same, however human sized, with a motorcycle starter as a chain drive to start off with.

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