EM pollution monitor

I've been reading some books about EM pollution and the negative health effects.

This may be caused by big power lines and/or radio transmitters --- if they are near your house they can generate a lot of EM pollution.
Just calculating the distance doesn't necessarily tell you how much EM pollution you are exposed to. Multiple sources may interfere with each other, plus terrain has an effect, so you may have hot-spots of high EM pollution and their location would be difficult to predict.

Inside of a house, appliances may be generating EM pollution. In some cases, a faulty appliance may continue to work so you don't know it is faulty, but it is consuming too much electricity and is generating a lot of EM pollution. Damaged wiring in the walls can also be a source. I have read that the "smart meter" used by Australian power-companies is bad enough to force people to abandon their homes (it communicates by radio, so a meter-reader doesn't have to visit the house).

What would be involved in building a device for testing the level of EM pollution? Note that there is a wide range of frequencies that have to be tested for.
This could be used by prospective home buyers to find out if the house they are interested in is located in a hot-spot of EM pollution, or if the house they already own should be put on the market.
This could also be used inside of a house to find out if there are hot-spots in the house. It may be possible to figure out which appliance is causing the trouble and replace it. Also, it is very important to avoid having a bed situated in such a way that the person's head is in a hot-spot --- this can result in mental problems, including sleep-deprivation, anxiety and even hallucinations --- I read about one case in which a hot-spot was only a few inches from a girl's head when she was sleeping, and she developed serious behavioral problems (ironically causing her parents to send her to her room), but the problem was eventually solved by an electrician rather than a doctor.

Some appliances are just a bad idea --- televisions and electric blankets are both problematic and I would recommend against having either in a house.
Besides that, television makes people dumb, and that has nothing to do with EM pollution --- it is just that the shows are dumb, and the news is fake.

Since this is a Parallax forum, let us assume that the P1 is used. That would be fine for small quantities. I would be happy to just have one for my own use, and never mind selling them.
If the devices are mass-produced commercially though, then I would expect that a small 8-bit processor would be less expensive.
How does the P1 compare in price to other micro-controllers?
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