Is anyone planning to develop 100mbit ethernet for prop2 with UDP and TCP/IP etc?

I have a project I would like use to prop2 for in that does not need ethernet now but later 6 months - 1 year from now will need ethernet. I would like to include pins for 100mbit daughterboard for prop2 or just include all the layout stuff needed to support 100mbit and just add the components later once I need it for the next phase of my project. I was going to use prop 1 for my project buy prop2 is a better me for due to ADC and DAC builtin. But there is a 2nd phase where I having 100mbit would be VERY useful, but its too much of project for me to implement the 100mbit ethernet myself. So I thought I would see who is planning on working on this and see if I can just include pins for daughterboard or just layout all the parts on my circuit board for a design someone is planning to develop.


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