For sale W/Permission, 8,000 Tactile switches, bags of 100 or 1,000 US only.

Hi all, I am posting this with permission from Parallax under these conditions (moderators can verify permission with "Courtney Jacobs", if ):
* You must contact me through email or Private Message (PM), no questions or discussions in this thread.
* This thread is for information only, please don't post/reply here.
* I will post quantity updates no more than 2 times a week.

That being said, I have 8,000 tactile switches with ESD pin (5 pins) (attached image shows 1 bag of 1,000). These items are, for some reason, export controlled so I cannot sell them outside the United States! Product link Page 2 of the datasheet T model. These are not suitable for machine placement since they will come in a bag. The ESD pin can be clipped off, and the remaining pins have crimps in them but can be flattened with a pair of pliers.

I am charging:
* $0.15 each when buying a bag of 100 ($15 us)
* $0.05 each when buying a bag of 1,000 ($50 us)

NOTE: These parts are discontinued items from 2012

Please mail me at or ( japreja ) if you are interested. Please don't post that you are interested here.

Jorge P.
2000 x 1125 - 2M
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