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UGV tracked Platform

NikosGNikosG Posts: 637
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Hi all,
I came back to the forum with another ambitious project; the creation of an UGV tracked platform.
Is about a medium to large scale robotic platform, with plenty of space to install and test several electronics!!!
Of course cost is bigger than a normal robot but I think that having the right tools and making the right decision about what you must buy you can create a really expensive robot with the minimum cost….
The project is in progress and every time I’ll try to post material of my progress …..
Here is my design till now…
I haven’t finished it yet but I have already gathered all the necessary pieces (from commerce, or modified, or 3d printed or made from CNC) to do that…
As you can see the platform is completed 3D designed and the size will be: 65cmX55cmx40cm.
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  • Wow! It's great to see a teacher who's constantly pushing the envelope. Your students are going to have a fun year, methinks!

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  • "... create a really expensive robot with the minimum cost…."

    I think you have a small typo there

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  • That looks powerful enough to push a car sideways.
  • msrobots wrote: »
    "... create a really expensive robot with the minimum cost…."

    I think you have a small typo there


    I'm trying to make something like this:

    Without doupt itis an amazing robot, but the cost is very hight (up to 10.000$)

    I think that I have approached very close that robot with about 1200 $ cost....
  • NikosGNikosG Posts: 637
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    Here are all the nessecary parts for the accembly (without the Brain)

    A first general description follows:
    1,2) Rubber trucks BD-A (100mmX40mmX36#)
    3,4) Left and right motors (24V 300Watt RV30 gearbox)
    5, 9) Modified chassis
    6) Motor Holder 3D Printed
    7,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,,16,17,18,19) Parts of chassis
    20) Aluminum motor cover and base for Motor drive, power distribution board and various electronics
    21) Aluminum base for Battery and Brain
    22,23,24,25,26) Aluminum parts of the cover from the top of the robot
    27,28) Motor driver
    29) Power distribution board (Splitter board)
    30) Emergency stop switch
    31,32) Batteries (12V 20AH each)

    On the next posts I'll try to focus for every one of these parts, give the costs and the way I made them or the way I modified them ...

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  • I would suggest a remote stop switch. It is likely nobody will wand to get up close to that thing if it is in a bad situation. Props for the idea, though!
  • AMAZING project, Nikos!

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  • Where did you get those motors?
  • NikosGNikosG Posts: 637
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    Where did you get those motors?

    I got them from Alibaba (china).I searched :" 24V worm gear motor "and I had a lot of results...and I bought the cheaper ( 120$ each motor )
    I could choose the gearbox (for me the best solution was the "RV30 gearbox output speed 50-60 RPM" (I'll explain on next post how we can choose the right gear box )

    I also made a pair of aluminum couplers (here in Greece) in order to attach motors on my chassis.
    The cost was 60 euro (I can say that was much more expensive than Motors!)
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  • NikosGNikosG Posts: 637
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    Yesterday was the first outdoor test....
    Some photos:
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