why this CRSRLF error?

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Curious popup error inside Stamp Editor - any ideas why?
Remove '{$PBASIC 2.5} line and no more error... go figure

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  • "Symbol is already defined" means the line the error occurs at is the second attempt to define the same named symbol. Only one definition of each name is allowed, otherwise the interpreter/compiler/assembler wouldn't know which one is being referenced when using it in the program.

    Choose a unique label/symbol name, the problem goes away.

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  • But there's only a single line of "code" ?
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    It's a reserved word in 2.5. It can't be used elsewhere. See page 474 Basic Stamp manual 2.2.
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    Thanks! I have to learn again how to do a proper search inside 2.5 Help. The top "search" window line is different from the left bottom "search" and it spooked me well
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