Generic 125Khz RFID SB Readers need a new home...

I have about 70 of these cheap RFID readers that I have no use for any more. They work great with Parallax's RFID cards. They are new in the box from Amazon, about a year old. I couldn't find the link on Amazon, but they look exactly like these:

They don't weigh much so should be cheap to ship. I only need a few bucks for them to break even, so I would pop 3 in a small box and ship for $10. Cheaper if someone wants a lot more. PM me for any questions, etc.

I am beginning to do some very belated spring cleaning and posting surplus items. I also have some MeanWell 12V, 12.5A power supplies and Dwyer Pressure Transducers up on eBay so far:

More to come and I should have some Propeller related items soon.
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