Unintentional ASCII char actor showing up on Adafruit serial lcd

I've got a project using the Serial LCD

Everything is working pretty well except that when I use the LCD.CLS command I get an ascii character that correlates to the last command in hex from the cls routine.

has anyone else ran into it and what's the fix?


  • Welcome to the forums.

    What Parallax product are you trying to use this with? Can you post the code?
    Infernal Machine
  • Prop Chip #1

    using this
    SparkFun Serial LCD driver.spin

    here's the first statement and the "X" appears as soon as the CLS command is given

    LCD.init(TX_PIN, BAUD, 4, 20) 'Sets buad rate and pin for Adafruit Serial back pack display
    lcd.str(string("Core_5_AD_seccnt_2_roundrobin_rc_2")) 'Splash SCREEN_ST

    of course there is a bunch more code but I used a long pause between statements to watch when the "x" appears and it's there as soon as I use the cls command
  • I'm not sure there is enough information with the code. Which Spin program are you using for LCD?
    Infernal Machine
  • I don't know the Sparkfun Serial LCD driver module but the Serial_LCD module from the library should (also) work fine; All LCD modules use pretty much the same command set. For some reason, the Sparkfun module must be sending the wrong code or maybe it doesn't wait for the display controller to process it.
    '' NOTE: untested
      LCD: "Serial_LCD"
    PUB Start
      LCD.Init(TX_PIN, BAUD, 4)
      wait_ms(100) ' Display should be blank
      lcd.str(string("Does this fix it?"))

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • I'm confused... the LCD you link to is a parallel LCD. What serial adapter are you using?
    Jon McPhalen
    Hollywood, CA
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  • https://www.adafruit.com/product/499



    Your right, I was too close to the problem when I wrote the post.

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