Unicode - just keeps giving - scammer alert!

The insanity that is unicode just keeps giving.

Now we have internationalized domain names so that Unicode gives scammers a brilliant way to make realistic looking fake domain names.


Just a heads up.


  • That's old news: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IDN_homograph_attack (look at some of the references)
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  • Yep, old news.

    People have been pointing out these issues for years.

    Unicode and internationalized domain names make it even worse. That together with the ridiculously ambiguous fonts we have today. What is "I" and what is "l"? What is "O" and what is "0" etc.

    Should have stuck to ASCII and VT100 style fonts!

    I think it's worth reminding people of the insecure mess the modern computing landscape is.

  • wнaт тнe нecĸ ιѕ wrong wιтн people?

  • xanadu - "wнaт тнe нecĸ ιѕ wrong wιтн people?"

    People are as they have always been. Modern technology just gives them seemingly infinite ways to screw things up. This fact adds a quantum level of dread for loved ones that hear "Hey, Watch this"

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