SHIFTOUT command with noparse

Hello all, This is my first post to the forum.

I'm working with an MM5450 LED display driver and found on the web a short discussion with Al Williams from 11 years ago using this BS2 command that I want to try: SHIFTOUT Dpin, Clkpin, msbfirst, [noparse] [ [/noparse] data\16, data\16] to send out 32 bits to the MM5450, but the editor won't accept all the extra brackets, besides that, I don't really know what noparse does. Other than that I'm comfortable using SHIFTOUT.

Thank you


  • Welcome to the forum!
    I don't really know what noparse does.
    It's a forum bbcode that's supposed to print what it encloses without interpretation and disappear. Unfortunately, it has not yet been implemented in this version of the forum software. It's not part of PBASIC.

    So use this:

    SHIFTOUT Dpin, Clkpin, msbfirst, [data\16, data\16]


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