Breadboarding Stamp1 DIP /PIC16F54 On Radio Shack Electronics Learning Lab

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Finally put 2 and 2 together.Figured out to use the Learning Lab (that has been sitting around here for years) to

breadboard micro's.

When you want to work on it you just get it out and it's ready to go!

We are running micro at 4.5 volts for now.Power circuit is built into breadboard.

Can do same thing with Propeller DIP or Propeller Stamp.

500 x 341 - 29K


  • Looks like a lot of interface! Wonder how much it is.

  • ' Looks like a lot of interface!'

    Yep,Lot of stuff already pre wired.

    ' Wonder how much it is.'

    They don't make them anymore.So that means Ebay.

    To be fair about it.Elenco makes same kind of thing.

    Their are a couple on there now for about $40 asking price plus shipping.

  • microcontrollerusermicrocontrolleruser Posts: 1,194
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    Yep.They sure are.

    Came to my senses about using a breadboard for micro's though.

    Too much risk of frying circuits there.So will use breadboards.

    Need to pick up one of those 3200 point big ones.Quit fooling around trying to put little ones together.

    These trainer boards are great for digital logic though.
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