RF Card Water Meter Vending Platform

I'm looking for people or organisations that can design and deliver a water vending platform for prepaid RF Card water meter. The water meters are manufactured in China and they come with a vending software. We want to install these meters in 4 towns in Zimbabwe (approximately 50000 users). The Chinese software has a few challenges that we need improved.

1. We want the system to allow batch processing so that a person can buy water for a person in a different location with just an account number and without the card (Using swipe or mobile money). Then the person with the card will just go to any POS and update the card with credit.

2. Vending points that can be placed in public points like supermarkets or any places with internet connectivity.

The main motive is to enable convenient and effective purchase of water.
Any other improvements are also welcome.


  • Aaah, Zimbabwe country of my birth, now a spectacular failed state which managed to destroy their currency and wealth of the people via hyperinflation through incredible stupidity, incompetence and corruption.

    There is also 60% unemployment, so any fully automated system is gross, rather employ some people in the project.

    Zimbabwe is virtually a fully cash free environment right now - even the USD 'bond' notes and coins are unavailable from banks. Everyone from the highest to the lowest uses...

    1) Bank debit swipe cards
    2) Internet banking
    3) Mobile banking
    4) And instant payments, phone to phone, on the three Cellular Phone Companies....Econet is the largest company by far and is privately owned (the other
    2 are government owned)

    Most people use option 4 to pay for goods and services as there is no cash around. Just make an instant payment from your phone to theirs. They can then use the money in their 'EcoCash' digital wallet account on their phone to pay for groceries at a supermarket or to make payments to their children's schools etc etc. or even to pay for a fare on a commuter omnibus.

    So the solution is simple. Hire an attendant for each water point that accepts payment via the mobile phone system. Meter the water for dispensing and stock control.

  • You can set up shop in California!!!! Add in wireless capability to notify the water police if a card is used to often trying to circumvent the latest madness out of Sacramento.......
    Ordnung ist das halbe Leben
    I gave up on that half long ago.........
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