Additional luma levels using two cogs?

This is a rather specific question regarding NTSC video generation using the Propeller, specifically about ways to obtain more luma levels that I've read about on here:

I've seen examples where the pins are being driven directly and the output of the aural subcarrier pin is used to bump up the luma a bit, and I've also seen examples where dithering/mixing approaches have been used to get additional effective luma levels. However, what I'm most intrigued by have been some forum posts suggesting that somehow you could expand the DAC directly to get additional luma, or that potentially two cogs could be synced and an appropriate circuit set up so that the luma levels could be obtained in that manner.

Did anyone ever have any success with these approaches back during the era of video experimentation and I'm just missing these in my forum searches?

(Sidenote: I'm really impressed by what everyone has been able to do with this little chip!)
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