Prop-powered Commercial Products

Problem #1:

When going up against the big-names (in my case, Siemens, Omron, etc.), the product needs to have that big-name look and feel. There are some very nice project boxes out there but at the end of the day, they still scream "hobbyist quality".

Problem #2:

Not all of us are circuit board designers. We just want to write code and to be able to easily interface with whatever needs to be interfaced.

Tibbo have a great solution for this; not only do they offer pre-built modules but they also offer empty enclosures for custom designs. I am not too crazy about their own motherboard because their C/BASIC languages have some silly omissions such as a clock/timer with millisecond resolution.
Now a P1/P2-based motherboard would allow budding entrepreneurs to develop/launch Prop-based products in no time.

The Tibbo Project System

Currently available modules (more under development)


Failure is not an's bundled with the software.


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