Data logger hardware questions

I've got here a development board for the VNC2 device families. It is the VNC2 64 pin device wearing a board layout along the lines of the Arduino next door to us.

It was designed to make software development for the VNC2 modules that would eventually find their way into various designs. Basically does anyone know what version of the members of the VNC family of parts, VNC1 and VNC2 as it happens was used in the data logger? My mistake I just learned that part numbered #27937 does wear a VNC1.

Okay did anyone try any of the VNC2 devices that do wear USB ports? Technically the two are basically compatible with each other, and the functions for this board is much the same as the logger #27937 is the same when programmed to work like that one as a serial input to USB and thumb drive output.
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