Is P2 Open-source? (and business considerations)

I keep finding conflicting answers on this... According to some forum posts it will not be open-source, but at the same time cgracey keeps posting the P2 verilog source in this forum.

I think a copyleft license would make the most business-sense for parallax right now, since the source is already available in these forums and copylefting would force anyone trying to reuse the prop2 IP to open-source their resulting design as well. Perhaps include a BSD-style option (with a fee) for IP licensing to closed-source applications?

I myself don't mind so long as the source is available in some form for private individuals, but copylefting would both keep it open-source and prevent reuse by competitors.


  • I am not aware that the source verilog is distributed, except for snippits of code that Chip posts. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
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  • There is nothing open source about the P2 design at this time. It has been hinted that it may, possibly, be open sourced one day. Don't hold your breath.

    Yes, Chip has posted some snippets of the P2 Verilog source here from time to time. These are only very small corners of the design. They come with no licence for use anyway.

    Given that 99.9999 percent of the chips we use are not open source in any way I'm not sure why you are worrying about this.

    As a private individual, what would you do with the source anyway?

    At the end of the day I agree, if the P2 is ever open sourced copyleft sounds like the way to go.
  • At this point, the Prop2 is not open-source, though portions of its Verilog code have been posted on this forum.

    I think we will open-source the design, but probably not for a few years.
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