The propeller is amazing!

Hey guys,
just because I'm feeling super happy today and all, I just want to tell you guys(especially the heroes at Parallax) your propeller chip is awesome!
It's so much better than AVR chips I used to work with, and also much easier to program than more capable chips such as the ESP8266 or STM32s.
I've discovered the chip about a month ago and already I've gotten hang of Propeller-GCC and I'm already incorporating it into my PCB designs.
I hope this makes everyone happy, especially to those working hard at Parallax :)

- Eric


  • Welcome aboard. Only better to come. :)

  • Welcome Eric aka Pico,

    I agree with your statement the Propeller is AWESOME !!!!

    I work for Parallax and even I'm impressed with Propeller, so much so that I'm attempting to learn SPIN.

    This is a wonderful place for Information and help.

    Thank you for your interest...

  • Jump in, the water's fine. The Prop is an absolutely unique product for situations where timing is critical such as bit-banging timing sensitive protocols. The ESP8266 for example runs circles around everything else doing wifi, but falls flat on its face when you want to use it to read a HX711 or control a string of G-35 Christmas lights. Those protocols are timing critical, and if you stay in a procedural loop with the interrupts off long enough to get the timing right, the wifi stops working.

    In fact, a Prop connected to another more powerful but more conventional CPU is a powerful combo. I've done several limited run products for the company I work for using the Propeller. One project maintains an Ethernet link to a computer (via bit-banged SPI control of a ENC28J60) which essentially uses the Prop to remote control a VGA display, PS/2 keyboard, 48 I/O modules by bit-banging PCF8574 I/O expanders, and several serial devices. It's all in a hostile environment that kills computers but the Prop needs no mass storage or ventilation and runs cool.

    Elsewhere if I've needed six serial ports or two video displays or some other weird combination of I/O it's just a matter of counting the cogs needed for the drivers. There really is nothing else on the market remotely like it.
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