Parallax USB to Serial (RS-232) Adapter

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Do you know if the USB to Serial (RS-232) Adapter
is compatible with USB 3.0.


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    I was able to upload the factory settings for a Scribbler 1 (BS2) using the product with an a a USB 3.0 board I added to my desktop.

    I am using Windows 7 with the 64 bit zip file:

    Infernal Machine
  • Thanks Publison

  • Out of curiosity, what computer platform are you running and what are you trying to program?
    Infernal Machine
  • All USB 2.0 devices are compatible with USB 3.0 as backwards compatibility is an inherent part of the USB specification. However, that's just from the USB hardware side. As Publison may be eluding to, various operating systems behave differently with older devices. I have a USB 1.0 device that I cannot get to work in Win7 Home, Ultimate, or Pro, but it works fine in Win10. It also works in Win95 on my "vintage" NEC Versa 2780MT laptop.
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