Where are the instructions for loading Propeller code?

I am building panels with a Netburner for FTP, web etc., and two Propeller based control boards. I want to use extra UARTS on Netburner to load code into the Props. All are 3V3 boards. I think I need an I/O to Reset on the PropPlug header of each board, and the Netburner UART can hook to the PropPlug header's TX and RX pins. Plus Common, obviously. The lines would be about six inches long, so I'm not too worried about noise. The Netburner would take the place of the PropPlug, except I would transfer the EEPROM file and trigger programming via an embedded web page.

So what document tells how to program a Propeller?

The Datasheet and Manual both say:
Detects communication from a host, such as a
PC, on pins P30 and P31. If communication
from a host is detected, the Boot Loader
converses with the host to identify the Propeller
chip and possibly download a program into
global RAM and optionally into an external 32

Can anyone point me to the details of that process?


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