Question regarding USB power to the FLiP module ...

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From the FLiP document:

"When connected via a USB port, the Propeller FLiP module will request 500 mA of 5-volt power from a computer or hub or 1,500 mA from a USB charger. If the request is granted, the module will use the power from the USB port, to power both the 3.3 V supply and the USB 5V▷ output.
If the request is denied, the Propeller FLiP module will light the yellow Fault LED, to indicate that it is unable to draw power from the USB port. The module will still be able to communicate and accept a program over a computer or hub’s USB port, but it will require external power at the ▷5-9V input to operate."

What happens if the request to a USB charger is just ignored, i.e. when the charger is a simple 5V supply, and/or the cable contains only the two power conductors?

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