Fry's $10 RC/IR Tanks

I grabbed one of these at Fry's, will get another. $10 each, 5.5" long treaded tank. 2.4GHz RC, IR shoting/detection, turret rotates, lights & sound: That's 3 motors and a lot of hardware goodness! Says 8 tanks can play simultaneously. Good as-is for playing (Christmas gifts?) or hacking into an autonomous robot platform. I'll probably slap some Wifi FPV cameras on a pair. You DID buy some of those for $5 when I said to, not the current $12? :)

Think these are the same ones:


  • Nice!. I did see these over there the other day but passed on the urge to get a couple. They would be fun to hack and add other features though.
  • I had some good success with these, or models similar, a few years back, but they turned out to be a bit too fast for a robot tank base. I ended up robbing the treads and using them with a more traditional RC servo base. Sold them on the old Budget site a while ago.

    I got mine at one of the wholesale stores in south LA, some of which do cash-and-carry (for the really good deals you'll need a CA resale number). These are the ones near the Mission District and SoCentral LA. I think they were in the $5-6 range.
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