BoeBot - Continuous Red Flashing LED

When trying to run fairly simple code for testing the Whiskers, its not working. Instead there is a continuous red LED flashing quickly close to the USB port. I know this typically happens when initially loading program onto BoeBot. However, the LED is continuously flashing rapidly, which has not occurred before when BoeBot was functioning properly. See picture attached. Anyone know what the reason for this is? Seems as if it is indicating something is wrong.

640 x 480 - 122K


  • It's been a while since I've worked with that circuit on a Boe-Bot. I think the red LED is a transmit back to the PC (a DEBUG command). How about starting by posting the code that you're using with this circuit? It's probably straight from the tutorial. From there, we can get a better look. . .
  • By the way, is that 220 ohm resistor from P7 touching the 10K ohm resistor going to the right whisker? That could be an issue.
  • Good eye Ken but it's hard to tell if the resistors are touching because of the angle of the camera.
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