Basic Stamp Propellor DIP Gravitech Main I/O Board

This is bought and paid for.

PM me and will tell you where you can get them for $15 from an electronics house.

Where do you connect the Stamp or Propeller?


  • This board runs off +5V while the Propeller uses +3.3V so you'll need some kind of interface like this or this. The Propeller can use any even/odd pair of I/O pins for an I2C bus. You can even use the same I/O pins used for the program EEPROM (28/29) if you're careful about noise and length of the I2C wiring. You'll also need the PCF8574 mentioned. Do not directly connect this board to Propeller I/O pins ... you'll destroy the I/O pin circuitry, maybe damage the whole chip.

  • Mike

    You sure zoomed right in on the key issues!

    So that is what those level shifter mini boards are for on Futurlec!


    How about the Stamp?

    Just had an evil thought about jumpering out of the row connector on some Stamp boards.

    How about that to get the board going?

    Going to get the LED and push button daughterboards for this first.

  • Mike GreenMike Green Posts: 22,856
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    Yes, a BS2 Stamp would work fine for this. Pick either group of I/O pins (P0-7 or P8-15) plus ground (and maybe +5V) to attach to the board through the 10-pin MRconnect header.

  • Mike

    Thank you.

    That will work to get used to board.

    Good alerts on hooking up the Propeller.
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