Convert SolidWorks assembly to individual OBJs

I'm working on a project where I need to render some of Parallax's BOE parts in a 3D program. I found an open source SolidWorks assembly of the full BOEBot on GrabCAD, but I don't have that program, and other converters won't output assembles.

Does anyone here have SolidWorks that could export a couple of the objects for me? I'm needing the servo, wheel, and AA holder. My application doesn't use the BOE base, but uses these other Parallax parts. The author of the CAD file appears to have done a good job making them look like the actual parts.

My application (or converter) can also go 3D DWGs and 3DS files, among others. I have the best luck with 3DS and OBJ. It doesn't matter of the objects don't retail their textures.


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