Assembly Command Clarification

While reading through the assembly command list I noticed the REP command and got curious about its limitations.
Specifically, can one REP command contain another like in this example code for driving a neopixel:
rep     #12,          %[pixel_cnt]
rdlong  %[thisPixel], %[hubPtr]
add     %[hubPtr],    #4              
mov     %[bit],       #8            

rep     #8,           #24             
drvh    %[pixel_pin]                  
testb   %[thisPixel], %[bit]       WC
incmod  %[bit],       #32         
waitx   %[tickH]                     
drvc    %[pixel_pin]                
waitx   %[tickC]                     
drvl    %[pixel_pin]                 
waitx   %[tickL]                      


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