VNH2SP30 driver and a Basic Stamp module.


I would like to know how I can connect and which code to use with the VNH2SP30 driver and a Basic Stamp module.



  • Please provide a link to the manual or datasheet for the VNH2SP30. It's impossible to tell for certain what needs to be connected to what without the documentation. Unlike the Arduino, the Stamp I/O pins are pretty much all the same (with some special exceptions that don't apply here). You can connect the INA,INB,CS,EN, and PWM signals to any convenient I/O pins on the Stamp. What's your level of experience with the Basic Stamp? What do you know about the VHN2SP30?
  • HI Mike,
    This is the datasheet of the main chip VNH2SP30

    This is the tutorial,

    i want to know how make it work with BS2
  • I don't recommend trying to drive this with a BS2. The BS2 doesn't have a PWM generator that can be used to drive a motor. It works ok for a DAC or light dimmer, but the PWM output can't be used to control a motor.

    Look at figure 32 in the datasheet for one way to connect this using 6 I/O pins. The problem will be the PWM input to the device. You might be able to get 100Hz, not the usual 20kHz pulses. In the past, you might have used a 556 dual timer to generate the fast pulses and control the timer from the BS2. These days, some other microcontroller can do the job easier.

    What's your level of experience?
  • Thank you MIKE!
    I have little experience with BS2 and VNH2SP30,
    I'm using it since the last week.
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