What a cool humanoid bot!

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All it's missing is a Parallax Propeller chip in there somewhere. Seems it has everything else! :cool: If only I could justify the price somehow, but with the little I know of robotics, I've got a loooong way to go before something like this, unfortunately.



  • For a successful Kickstarter, it is a bit surprising they did not show the Hubert Robot in action that much. What they did show seemed to be more like a puppet. And the voice seemed dubbed over. It looks cool though.

    Perhaps not impossible, but swapping an RasPi or ODROID running ROS with a Parallax board might be a bit of stretch. Using more than one Parallax board might be an option though.
  • I had a heck of a time watching that video, it took forever to load just a couple of seconds, going to try to watch it later.

    Rayman should be all over this, as he could make a printed look alike in no time. And then he can give it a proper Propeller brain.
  • Not to bring up a sore subject (as in I don't mean it negatively at all) but, when Parallax eventually gets the P2 chip finalized, I wonder if it would have enough processing power to do something similar to this? Would be neat to have a humanoid type bot from Parallax, something different and complimentary to their rover type bots.
    Could easily pair it with a RPi 3 or whatever is the "brain of choice" at that time for more computing muscle with something like Bill Henning's RoboPi board, and have the P2 do what their proprietary "cerebellum" board is doing here with the Atmel chip, etc.
  • Speaking of ROS, does anyone have any resource suggestions for learning it, similar to the Parallax Learn modules? Do any of the members here use it or have experience with it?

  • Just out of curiosity, I did a search for Parallax and ROS and found this where ROS was used from a Laptop to control a Propeller powered Arlo.


    Combine this with what Rayman did with the OTTO bot and you might have something.

    The WiKi for ROS.org would be a good place to start if interested in learning ROS.
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    Nice robot! I might have actually backed that $599 Super Early Bird Special, but as Kermit said about his lost bicycle, it's "Gone with the Schwinn." Much more affordable than many humanoid bots.
  • @JonM - ROS is something I would love to learn someday and use the RoboPi I got from Bill Henning on here. Control the bot's movement with the Propeller chip, and have the Raspberry Pi 3 hooked up to the Scanse lidar I have from backing them on kick starter. That's a dream...

    @Erco - my thought exactly on the price. I'm sure it's still a good deal, but hard to justify $899 for a robo-newbie like me. If they would have had more $599 slots, they would have had me at first click. :lol:
  • I have one of their Hexy robots, which I wasn't very impressed with. In particular, it could barely do any of it's routines without twitching out (which was eerie). When it was sitting still, it would have all 18 servos actively hold their position and draw more current than the controller board seemed to be able to handle. At least, that was my working theory. Never did confirm that. It's just sitting on a shelf over my workbench right now.

    The point is... I'd be very hesitant buying something else of theirs, give my last experience.
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    The point is... I'd be very hesitant buying something else of theirs, give my last experience.

    With that in mind, I wonder if Parallax would ever consider doing a humanoid bot in the future once the P2 is finalized. Never know, maybe we could all collaborate on the project, and by that time I might actually have some worthwhile input. I just read how the AMD ThreadRipper CPU started life as a "side project" by a group of enthusiastic engineers there. Pretty impressive! Shows what can be done when people put their minds and effort together.
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