Restriction listed for XBee USB Adapter and XBee Pro no longer applies?

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In the web page description of the XBee USB Adapter, it has a note that says one should use the XBee SIP Adapter or XBee Adapter board if you plan on using a XBee Pro module.

This note no longer applies, right? From the data sheet for the XBee USB Adapter, it says that the Rev C XBee USB Adapter has a better 3.3V regulator that can supply 400ma to 1A.

Is my understanding correct and the XBee USB Adapter Rev C is now okay for use with the XBee Pro module under continuous transmissions?



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    I use the ELEV8 Telemetry Kit that uses the Pro series. When using the Parallax Ground Station software, it seems to be in continuous transmit mode.

    I would call Parallax tech support to verify that on Monday.

    Tech Support: 888-997-8267
  • radioguykk6: I believe your statement is accurate but like Publison said call Parallax to 100% verify this. Miguel is a knowledgeable guy and would be more then happy to assist you.
  • radioguykk6: I'm in communication with Miguel at Parallax and he should get back to me with an answer soon.
  • radioguykk6: I apologize for taking so long. This is Miguel's response: Yes... our adapter is compatible with the Xbee Pro S2C. Not sure what you mean by continuous transmission though.
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    Parallax is in agreement that the Rev C USB adapter will provide the current for continuous transmission from the XBEE Pro. On the other end, I would provide at least 400 ma to power the XBEE Pro in continuous mode. This works on the ELEV8 flight controller just fine:

  • Thanks Publison. I learned something new.
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