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1 box of stuff, as is. Cleaning out my drawers, and these are all things for good ideas that I never had time for. Everything should work, a decent chunk are new. Included are (roughly left to right in the picture):

7 pcs P8X32A-M44 chips (new)
2 Propeller Smorgosboard PCB things (new)
1 MPX5010DP, pressure sensor? (new)
2 Propeller quick starts with pin identifiers (new)
1 Gadget Gangster Propeller Platform USB (new)
1 BE Micro CV (new) for Prop2
1 LED cube, unassembled (new)
1 Raspberry Pi (new)
1 Parallax Keyboard
1 Parallax Mouse
1 Adhesive Disposable SpO2 sensor (new)
1 Raspberry Pi with RoboPi hat
2 Parallax RFID reader modules, plus tags
1 Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout board (new)
6 Adafruit Ultimate GPS module only (new)
1 Pololu MD01B
1 Pololu IMU01B
1 Adafruit CC3000 WiFi (new)
1 Big motor with encoder
8 Parallax line follower PCB things
1 Sparkfun LiPo charger basic
1 Defcon Parallax Human Badge (new)
1 Pololu ACS711EX Current Sensor (new)
1 Parallax Propeller Proto USB, modified
1 Parallax Lion Power Pack charger
1 Color Pal (new)
1 Parallax Propeller Proto USB (new)
1 Eddie Control Board with power cable
1 Pololu Step Down Voltage Regulator D15V35F5S3 (new)
2 Gadget Gangster Quick Proto kits (new)
1 Polar heart rate band and Parallax heart rate receiver (new)


The entire box is going for $300, USPS flat rate shipping included. My goal here is to get these parts into the hands of somebody who can use them better than I, and I don't want to spend hours of effort to do so. So I can't sell individual parts, break up the box, or test every single component.

I stand behind the products that I ship. If you're an established forum member (100+ posts or 2 years) I'll give you a full refund minus shipping if you're not happy within a month of receipt. For all others, I think you'll just be happy.

3379 x 2252 - 2M


  • pjvpjv Posts: 1,903

    I'll take that deal.

    You will need to send an official looking invoice and packing slip for export to my company in Canada. Simple. Details and coordinates will be sent to you.

    I will send you a US draft for the funds.


    Peter (pjv)
  • Sorry @pjv, just sold the box.
  • That's a heckuva box, considered it myself but I already have too much of the stuff therein. Glad you found a buyer SRLM.
  • Nice box = quick sale + no bickering.

    Congratulations seller and buyer.
  • Great Box-O-Stuff !!!
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