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Honda Clarity EV

ercoerco Posts: 19,111
I've been barraged on Facebook and elsewhere with pop-up ads for Honda's Clarity EV. You were required to online-schedule a test drive at an "event", and I went to one yesterday nearby at a mall. Had to check in, get a wristband, get a briefing, do the drive, and a debriefing (tablet survey) after.

OK-looking car with great acceleration. Looks funky from the rear (pic). It's a big car, although the inside feel cluttered. Massive center console. The main center dash display was an ordinary-looking 9" tablet (pic). Frankly, it looked like an afterthought, just slapped onto the dash with double-stick tape. I think most of my car design friends would have had a cow.

Lease only (no sales), $269/month. Only 3 colors, white, gray, blue, top trim level only. Range ~89 miles. The guy I spoke to was well-informed. He told me candidly that this was the same Clarity chassis for 3 cars, this new electric, the existing fuel cell, and a future hybrid. This all-electric is a limited production car, only available in California and Oregon. Seems like a low-risk toe in the water for Honda to test the waters for electric cars. Gotta start somewhere.

So all in all, an interesting day. The best thing was, at the end they handed me a what looked like a Power Bar. Turns out it's a Power Bank phone charger! Pretty cool, I guess these are the new giveaways of the future.

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