Propeller programming parallel flash chip

Has anyone used a microchip parallel flash chip such as SST 39VF010? I’m looking to use one as a ROM device with my propeller chip. I’m reading the data sheet for information on programming the chip, however, the example only shows programming for one byte. Ex..load data AAH @ 5555H then load data 55H @2AAAH then load data A0H @ 5555H then load my data @ my address waiting for end of program..done.

I’m looking to program a buffer of 32K of data. Do I need to repeat all the load data steps for each data write or should the program loop after the three (setup) load data items and program each of my bytes then waiting for end of program? The data sheet also state “Before programming, the sector where the byte exists must be fully erased”. So I’m thinking the data would have to be programed in a buffer type loop, instead of one byte at a time; or it would fail writing multiply bytes in a sector


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  • I have no idea about this device but it is quite possible that when programming it one can turn a 1 into a 0 but 0's cannot be turned into 1's As such the thing needs blocks erasing to all 1's first. Or vice versa, switching 0 and 1. Such was the case with old ultra violate erasable ROMs and FLASH ROMs later.

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    Usually these flash chips have "Erase Sector" and "Erase All" commands. The size of a sector depends on the device ... look at the datasheet for the device for details. You supply an address somewhere within a sector to specify which sector to erase ... again check the datasheet for details. The "Erase All" (or some similar name) erases the whole device ... usually to all 1 bits. There's a serial flash driver written in Spin that's in the Propeller Object Exchange (ObEx) []. The parallel interface devices work in a similar fashion.
  • Thank you...for the replies. That makes total sense:) Off to purchase some chips
  • If you're interested in learning about flash programming, I have some unneeded SST25VF016B chips you can have for free.

    They're 16 Mbit SPI serial flash (8 pin SOIC).
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