problems with SERIN and BS2



  • I had more thoughts about this, having posted it, and I realise that I can use the same cable, as used previously, but simply take a jumper from pin 3 (Tx)on the DB9 onto one of the I/O pins on the Stamp and a jumper from pin 5 on the DB9 to GND on the Stamp
    this works fine
    sorry to have bothered anyone who looks at this post
  • Look in the Basic Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual in the chapters on the SERIN and SEROUT statements. These discuss how to interface to RS-232 signals with just a resistor in the input lead and using inverted mode.
  • I'm always trying to save code space. You could save a little in your program by doing this:
    index1 = serData(x) - "0"
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