Spin2 Operator Syntax



  • Ariba,
    ..much greater than..
    I love it. Could be useful for implementing fuzzy logic systems. I expect Spin 2 to have such a thing. After all, we have to keep up with Javascript which has a "much much greater than" operator ">>>".

  • Tor wrote: »
    In any case: Operators are of course a useful programming concept. Not so much, in my opinion, when you stretch that to multi-operator semantics to achieve your one-operation result (clamp a value).

    Except that on this processor applying both upper and lower limits is a concatenation of two operations.
    jmg wrote: »
    AJL wrote: »
    Some OBEX objects include circuit diagrams or waveforms, and there's no hope of reading these without the Parallax font, yet they are in many cases critical to understanding of the function or purpose of the code.
    Surely that is now deprecated, and in a serious manner.
    Tried posting that to the forum, for example ?
    I've not found any circuit diagrams or waveforms I could not render fine in Courier Font.
    A pity if is deprecated for the OBEX. I'd say that doing it in Courier is good enough for the forum given the font restrictions, but Parallax font is excellent as it was developed with that in mind.
    jmg wrote: »
    AJL wrote: »
    jmg wrote: »
    Err, has everyone fully grasped this new !< !> syntax now imposes restrictions on the operator order ?
    That restriction was not there on the old syntax.
    AJL wrote: »
    ... I don't think the restriction on operator order is a problem.
    My key point was, that restriction is new, it was not there before.
    That means simple translation from Spin1 to Spin2, is no longer quite so simple..

    Maybe all hope of harvesting Spin1 was lost some time back, but to me it seems important to try to have some easily equivalent mapping, as many of the improvements could easily back-apply to Spin1.5 (ie that means improved syntax Spin, running on P1)

    Harvesting Spin1 code will require rework of many elements. I would think that if a tool were developed for such a task it would need to flag many language and architecture elements that will require attention. MIN and MAX will require that regardless of any operand order restrictions.

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